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Linkedin, the world’s biggest professional networking platform, has undergone a HUGE redesign this year in a bid to live up to their mission statement. Many of these impressive changes highlight a move to become the go-to destination for business news in addition to being an essential recruitment and networking tool, of course.

Below is a breakdown of our three favourite changes…

1. New profile & homepage design

LinkedIn now feels like Facebook with a suit and tie on… Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and with billions of people around the world already using the Facebook interface, what better place to draw design inspiration from? Make your profile stand out with a custom cover image, articles (which are listed chronologically) and an up-to-date experience section.

Simon Edward LinkedIn profile


Here’s a fun fact about the power of LinkedIn… Google indexes your individual profile, helping your name and business show up as the top result on user searches. One of our brilliant strategic partners Sally Roberts of Fun Training For Results is an absolute pro at creating stories that grab attention.

Another great post by Sally Roberts
Another great post by Sally Roberts from Fun Training For Results

So get started today, writing those posts and updates to get your name out there! You’ve got nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain!

2. Trending stories

Have you noticed that you’re seeing more of the content you like to read? There’s a reason behind this content shift. You’ll now notice a more targeted homepage feed with trending stories, hand-picked by the Linkedin editorial team. Stay ahead of the curve in your industry by choosing a few of Linkedin’s recommended Influencers and watch those articles roll on in. Don’t forget to comment, like and share the stories and posts you love most. You never know who is watching and willing to do business with you!

3. Recent activity log

Trying to remember which new update you just posted on? Search no more! You can now see your own most recent activity right on your LinkedIn profile page, so you won’t have to keep bookmarking all those articles to read later.

Activity log

These changes mark the biggest refresh for Linkedin since its original launch way back in 2003, which can only mean that Microsoft has big plans for their latest purchase! Personally, I used to despise the old LinkedIn interface but have now fallen in love with the new one. It just feels… well, right somehow.

What do you think? Do you love these changes or do you wish they’d go back to the old design?

If you feel like your LinkedIn and social media pages need a little extra help in getting noticed, maybe we can help. Drop an email to hello@nydp.co.uk or give us a call on 01423 900414.

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