Is Facebook the new YouTube?

While YouTube can still be considered the absolute king of the market in terms of mid to long-form video content, Facebook is making moves that it hopes will steal the crown. With 38.9 million users in the UK, Facebook can certainly disrupt the online video market. In a recent blog post, Facebook explained that its new app will give users “Options for how and where they watch Facebook videos.” Effectively this will expand on the platforms streaming capabilities allowing you to, in Facebook’s own words: “Watch videos shared by friends or Pages you follow, including top live videos from around the world and be recommended videos based on your interests.”

So what do you as a business owner need to do to take advantage of these new developments? Well, the most obvious is ‘Get some videos made!’ Interestingly, Facebook is still recommending 30-60 second videos as the optimal length. Ultimately, what does all this mean? Facebook is coming for your viewing time, one engaging video at a time!

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