They’ve paved paradise and put up a parking lot…

As we’re all aware, we’re living in challenging and changing times and nothing is more of a barometer of this change than the openings and closings of restaurants, bars and shops (and, erm parking lots) on high streets and town centres up and down the land.

Now, being lucky as we are and having the studio in Harrogate these comings and goings are under the microscope like never before – in recent times we’ve seen big household brands such as Jamie’s Italian, H&M, TopShop, Byron Burger and Thorntons and more unfortunately perhaps independents like James Brindley, Norse and Van Zeller open in town only to then close down pretty sharpish too; and the rumour on the streets is of more closures as the year goes on.

So, we’re wondering in this ever-churning retail, entertainment and parking landscape that maybe, in say 10 years time, and not just in our beautiful town centre, but in urban centres all over the UK whether the traditional notion of the high street will have gone forever and in its place will be parks, lakes and gardens… I guess that’ll be paradise then Joni.

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